October 31, 2009
Edge Legal The following is a brief overview of the unfair dismissal provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (“the Act”)which became operative on 1 July 2009. Who is protected from unfair dismissal?   In order to be protected from unfair dismissal, a person must be employed: by a constitutional corporation; or by the Commonwealth...
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Edge Legal The Federal Court has determined that it is up to individual judges to decide whether Twitter may be used to cover court cases. Reporting court cases on Twitter became evident recently when journalists from and The Australian both used Twitter to cover the much-publicised case between iiNet and the entertainment industry. For...
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Edge Legal One often overlooked component of the employee-employer relationship is the employees right of privacy. In many instances the employer may unknowingly violate the employees’ right of privacy and thereby run the risk of acting in breach of Australian law. The instances and types of privacy breaches in the workplace will vary depending on...
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