March 15, 2010
 Palmer & Anor v Finnigan & Ors [2010] QSC 64 Her Honour Justice Lyons dismissed the claim of the plaintiff on the basis the defect was “hidden” and there was no duty on the defendants inspect for such latent faults. The facts were uncontroversial. The injured plaintiff was at the home of the first and second...
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  WorkCover Queensland v Amaca Pty Ltd & Anor [2010] HCATrans 48 (12 March 2010) Public Trustee of Queensland v Fortress Credit Corporation (Aus) 11 Pty Ltd & Ors [2010] HCATrans 49 (12 March 2010) Selected Seeds Pty Ltd v QBEMM Pty Limited & Ors [2010] HCATrans 50 (12 March 2010) Spain v Workcover Queensland...
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