November 20, 2013
Seeley International v Jeffrey [2013] VSCA 288   Catchwords  NEGLIGENCE – Product liability – Causation – House fire damaged respondents’ home in 2003 – Competing expert evidence as to the whether the fire was caused by evaporative air cooler or downlights – Whether evaporative air cooler manufactured by the appellant was the cause of a...
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ACN 096 712 337 Pty Ltd v Javor [2013] NSWCA 352   Before Meagher JA at [1]; Barrett JA at [43]; Ward JA at [44]  Decision Appeal dismissed with costs.  Catchwords DAMAGES – assessment of workplace injury damages – whether primary judge erred in failing to find that respondent had not taken all reasonable steps...
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Gundy v Eatts [2013] QSC 297  A decision of interest having regard to the definition of a child by reference to the Acts Interpretation Act to include “descendant” and “descendant” was defined to include, in relation to Aboriginal people, “a descendant under Aboriginal tradition”. In turn, Aboriginal Tradition was defined to mean traditions, observances and customs in...
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