December 17, 2013
Gratrax Pty Ltd v TD & C Pty Ltd [2013] QDC 63   JUDGE: McGill SC DCJ ORDER: Judgment that the Defendant pay the Plaintiff $12,901 including $4,154 by way of interest. CATCHWORDS: CONTRACT – breach – damages – causation – whether damages increased by unexpected voluntary inappropriate action of plaintiffNEGLIGENCE – causation – novus...
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Endeavour Foundation v Weaver [2013] QCA 371 Further to my earlier post, the plaintiff’s claim has been dismissed. Holmes JA with whom Fraser JA and Margaret Wilson J concurred: [41] The distinction which the learned judge drew between the situation of a real-life attack, in which moving quickly backwards would be justified and the training...
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White v Australian Securities and Investments Commission & Ors [2013] QCA 357 A useful decision considering the principles in McMahon v Gould[7] and competing interests between a civil trial and criminal trial, when considering a stay. Brisbane Barrister – David Cormack
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