October 16, 2014
Grima v RFI (Aust) Pty Ltd [2014] NSWCA 345 Negligence – joint tortfeasors – worker injured while unloading goods from truck which been loaded by RFI – worker alleged RFI loaded truck incorrectly and unsafely – RFI denied negligence and alleged worker negligently contributed to his own loss – RFI cross-claimed against worker’s employer alleging...
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Gray v Richards [2014] HCA 40 (15 October 2014) I refer you to the High Court judgment summary. 1. FRENCH CJ, HAYNE, BELL, GAGELER AND KEANE JJ. In Todorovic v Waller[1], Gibbs CJ and Wilson J summarised the principles which regulate the assessment of damages for personal injuries as follows: “In the first place, a...
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