February 24, 2015
Baillie v Jackson [2015] QDC 31 The plaintiff was a former police officer working for a security provider to a licensed premises hosting a wedding. In the course of his duties when speaking to one of the wedding guests the plaintiff was assaulted by the guest. Judge McGill found the assailant was not showing signs of intoxication...
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BlueScope Steel Ltd v Cartwright [2015] NSWCA 25 The employee driver in first instance was successful, but lost the appeal on the finding that the speed of the truck caused the load to become unstable. In determining whether the manufacturer of the product, which product moved in the truck had any liability by reference to guidelines/warnings...
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Basa v Cartwright & Anor [2015] QDC 27 A practical example of how differing expert medical evidence may be preferred. Doctors Fitzpatrick and Goode were not preferred in relation to their views about the plaintiff’s abnormal injury behaviour or dishonesty. Dr Wallace’s view to the contrary was preferred and this was assisted by the corroborating...
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