Dasreef Pty Ltd v Hawchar [2011] HCA 21 I refer you to the summary of this decision, which concerned whether the “specialist” nature of the Dust Diseases Tribunal (DDT) allowed the primary judge “to take into account [his] experience that this disease [silicosis] is usually caused by very high levels of silica exposure“, when the...
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 Hemmings v Suncorp Metway Insurance Ltd [2011] QDC 19 I refer to my earlier posting in regard to the some procedural aspects leading up to the trial. The trial ultimately proceeded after some considerable delay, with the unusual feature of the defendant being deceased. The deceased was killed as a consequence of the collision with...
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Greg Condon Transport v Gordon [2011] QDC 7 Baulch SC DCJ [58] I have no reason to think that the Plaintiff was dishonest when he gave the evidence that he gave in respect of the replacement of the vehicle. I do, however, think that the Court is entitled to expect that evidence proving a significant...
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Sykora v Hammer & Anor [2010] QSC 356 CATCHWORDS: TORTS – NEGLIGENCE – ROAD ACCIDENT CASES – LIABILITY OF DRIVERS OF VEHICLES – FAILURE TO LOOK-OUT – PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENTS – where the plaintiff claims damages for personal injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident – where the plaintiff was aged 2 years 8 months at...
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